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Heritage Visualisation Lab

The lab objective is to develop and provide hands-on skills and in-depth understanding of scientific authentication of computer-based documentation and visualisation in the field of heritage conservation.

The lab specialices in applications and technologies for documentation, visualisation, and simulation of historical sites and artefacts. Tools and technologies available for researchers include Structure-from-Motion software and hardware (Agisoft PhotoScan server), laser scanning (Konica Minolta vi-9i), and Virtual Reality simulation (Oculus Rift). The lab has also expertise in applications for 3d modelling, mesh-processing, interactive visualisation, and Augmented Reality.

In the course given by the lab, students are trained to carry out photogrammetric documentation of heritage objects, buildings and environments, and to model, visualise, and simulate interpretations and associated research data.

Heritage Visualisation Lab has a strategic partnership with:

Co-directors of the lab

Recent Publications and Appearances

Recent publications

Westin, J. & Claésson, D. (2018) Dockhemmet v. iOS App Store

Herlitz, A. & Westin, J. (2018). "Assembling Arosenius – staging a digital archive". In Museum Management and Curatorship.

Westin, J., Foka, A. & Chapman, A. (2018). “Humanising places – exposing histories of the disenfranchised through augmented reality. Introduction to themed section”. International Journal of Heritage Studies.

Westin, J & Almevik, G (2017). “A Virtual Diorama – Mapping Archives in Situ at Places of Cultural Significance”. The Journal Nordic Museology.

Westin, J. and Claésson, D. (2017). "The Painter is Absent - Ivar Arosenius and the Site-Specific Archaeo-Archival Reconstruction of the Ghost of a Home". In Bebyggelsehistorisk tidskrift.

Westin, J., Almevik, G., Thomas, J. and Bergen, K. (2017). "Anchoring the archive - physical space as a digital access point to research documentation". The 3rd International Conference on Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage, and Archaeology (SEAHA) at the University of Brighton, Brighton, UK on 19-20 June 2017.

Amakawa, J. and Westin, J. (2017). "New Philadelphia – Using Augmented Reality to Interpret Slavery and Reconstruction Era Historical Sites". In International journal of heritage studies.

Claésson, D. and Westin, J. (2017). "Minnets död, arkivets motstånd. Ivar Arosenius 1909–2016." In Ord och Bild (in print).



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